Leadership Lecture Series

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No events are currently scheduled for our Leadership Lecture Series. Check back regularly for updates, or learn about our April 4, 2014, event below.



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Great leaders build innovative organizations that unlock human potential and drive growth in the face of constant change. They work at every level of the organization to Cultivate a Culture of Innovation in line with their purpose and values.

Our April 4, 2014 Leadership Lecture Series event took a hands-on look at the characteristics of innovative companies and the role of leaders in shaping cultures that excel in fast-changing marketplaces.

Led by innovation expert and Olympic silver medalist John Coyle, we explore how innovative companies leverage their purpose and values, bring out the best in people, build nimble and responsive processes, assess risks, create new and revive existing products, solve intractable problems, conquer new markets, and shape a future of growth and unbridled potential. As a senior vice president with Maddock Douglas, Inc. Coyle and his colleagues have helped over 25 percent of the Fortune 100 innovate for success.

He was joined by David Ziegler, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Ace Hardware Corporation, shared how innovative responses to economic challenges and competition led Ace Hardware through the recession to find a growth path that defies expectations.

This event was a partnership between the Chicago Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and the Center for Values-Driven Leadership at Benedictine University.

Find highlights from the event in the article, How to Double Market Share in 400 Easy Steps.